Here’s to you! Daraz Glossary


Have Daraz brought you to a stand still because of its demanding understanding? Then give it a big cheers to Daraz glossary.


Yes! eCompanda out of its unremarkable care to its users has brought to you a complete daraz glossary that will not just help you out to understand the whole site, yet you will also be able to analyze step by step.




For any customer that doesn’t have any prior knowledge about, it’s quite difficult to experience a new application either as a user or as a seller.


Keeping aside the fact that Daraz is totally malleable and easy to cope for its users, yet for any person who is newly exposed to anything even when it’s instagram or facebook, he might feel it difficult for him to understand at once.


For such users team eCompanda really cares about providing time saving and of course characteristic content to them.


Hoping that this will also be helpful enough to understand the peculiarity of, please contemplate the following, with the help of subsequent signs(arrows)



Shop with us

Toolbar to avail as a buyer

Daraz Mall


Fashion and Lifestyle

Global Collection



Sell with us


Sign Up

Daraz Seller Center

Sell on Daraz


More about Daraz

Daraz Affiliate Program

Track Order

In Short


Shop with Us


In case you have entered the Daraz App with the intention to shop or to plan to shop, than after you enter,


Go for the country you’re from,


Toolbar to avail as a buyer


After selecting the country you will actually enter the dynasty of shopping. 

You will find all the options at once!


As given,

  1. Daraz Mall
  2. dMart
  3. Fashion and Style
  4. Global collection 
  5. dTravel



Press to enter,

Here the arrows point out the categories that your desired product may fall in ,for further assurance, just like a genuine Mall.




Press to enter,


Complete all your groceries through Daraz Mart whose priorities are,


  • Trusted Quality
  • Variety of assortments 
  • Economical prices


Fashion and Style


Press to enter


For men and women who endure fashion to the essence of life, Daraz is making your experiences better and cool with the shopping.


Global Collection


Press to enter


Overseas or cross the border, now Daraz is connecting people round the globe by creating an awesome platform to shop online.




Press and enter

Daraz is limitless when it comes to offer convenience, hence for making your travelling services and concerned bookings easier Daraz provides you with dTravel.


Sell with Us


If you have entered as a seller then go for the option Sell with Us.


Then, choose the country you are from!




Now you have entered Daraz Seller Center.


Log In


In case you are already a seller than Login yourself or otherwise you may sign Up at the next page shown,

  • The Upward arrow for Log in
  • The Downward for Sign up


Sign Up


In case you are a new seller than you got to Sign Up where you may appear as following,


  1. Daraz Mall seller
  2. Local seller
  3. Global seller
  4. Digital Goods seller


More about Daraz


Hang on for more to come!


Daraz Affiliate Program


So are you interested in recommendations and earning side by side then, here you go with the Daraz Affiliate program that needs not more than your experience and truthfulness.


Basic keys to work with Daraz Holds three steps,


As in the image below,

Track my order


In case you want to follow your order and keep yourself alert then go for Track my order in the toolbar at Daraz page.


Customer care services


Press and enter “customer care”


You will find the following options

  • Help center
  • Order
  • Shopping and Delivery
  • Payment
  • Returns and Funds 
  • Purchase Protection

For Help center and Order

Press and enter Help center to remove all your queries

Press Order to place an order






For orders and categories,

For Shipping and Delivery


In order to resolve all queries regarding shipping and delivery.



Press to enter “Shipping and delivery” and go for categories or order next as shown in the image




Any issue regarding payment and clearance is grantly entertained through the help center at



Returns and Funds


Daraz is a complete platform for shopping that accumulates all the policy for a healthy marketing. It also includes returns and funds.


So Press to enter “Returns and Funda” at Customer care.

You will find three tabs.


  1. How to return a Product?

  1.  Returns Policy

  1. Refunds Policy

Purchase Protection


It is obvious for a customer to be careful about his purchase of the spent money so for that purpose Daraz offers you Purchase and Protection.


Press to enter

In short


The content goes in a low first explaining the credentials for a customer and then to the seller, After that the customer care services are briefly explained because to Team eCompanda care for the customers matter most as to make their experiences great.

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