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Are you upto earning, by selling at and willing to make an accurate seller account?


Here you go then!

e.companda really cares about the tits and bits for a new business starter at as a seller, and we are doing our best to assure you that you will definitely do it at your best.


First of all in order to save your time as much as possible for making a seller account as soon as possible follow the given steps…


Step no 1:


Pen down following either on a hard or a soft copy!


  1. A perfect and whole-hearted name for your new shop.


  1. Complete address of your residential or trade place.


  1. A new email ID specifically for Daraz operations.


  1. A verified ID card.


  1. Scans of your ID card from both the sides.


  1. Checkbook affiliated to your Bank account.


  1. Scans of your checkbook from both the sides.


  1. A phone number ( most likely for Daraz).


  1. Full name as written on the ID card.


Step no 2


Making a seller account through the Daraz Seller Center  contains the following step further.


Enter Daraz Seller Center through Chrome and then Click on “Become a seller”.

You will get four Options,


DarazMall Seller

Local Seller

Global Seller

Digital Sahulat Seller


Here, most importantly we will discuss a Local Seller because most of our viewers may not be a taxpayer or FBR verified seller. 

For such sellers that don’t own a brand yet and are newcomers on Daraz, Seller accounts will be proffered as Local Sellers.


Step no 3


Here you will go for the  “Sign Up”.


You will fill in the desired queries by,


  • Selecting the account type. You will select “Business” if you are not working single otherwise you will select “Individual”.


  • Selecting the country you are selling from in the query box titled with”Shop based in”.
  • Entering the phone number, which will be much better if it is operated for Daraz specifically.


  • Verify by entering the received code on the query box entitled with “Slide to verify”.


Step 4

After verification the same Sign Up queries will further proceed with,


  • Creating a password, make sure to create such a password that is very unique and secure by perfect usage of letters, symbols and digits.


  • Verifying the password by rewriting it.


  • Entering the name of your shop.


  • Entering the Email Address.


  • Entering the Referal Code if any. Basically referral code can be of any known shop on Daraz that you can use as your reference


  • Reading appropriately by clicking  at “Terms and Conditions”, then tick at it.


NOW go for “Sign Up”!


Step 5


You will again enter Daraz Seller center but this time Sign In with the same credentials you made your Daraz seller account with.

Step 6:


Here you will come across your “to-do List” where you will,


  • Manage Address Book
  • Verify ID information
  • Fill in Bank information
  • Order Package Info
  • Upload your SKU


Does this List seem difficult?


Don’t worry! In order to complete these tasks thus for creating the seller account team e.companda has made it super easy by its potent briefings.


Manage Address Books


After tapping on “ Manage Address Book” you will be required to fill the given queries as,

  • Writing the address of your warehouse or residential in the query box entitled with “Address”.


  • Selecting the country name you will be selling from in the query box entitled with “state”


  • Selecting the Province name you will be selling from in the query box entitled with “Area”


  • Writing about the nearby areas of the pinpoint you mentioned in the address in Location.


  • Verifying if your Business address is the same as your warehouse address.


  • Verifying if your return address is the same as your warehouse address.


Done with it!


Verify Identification Card


As per the restricted age till 18, the seller must have a verified ID card in order to fulfill this requirement to create a Daraz Seller account.


Follow up the queries by,


  • Selecting “CNIC” in the “ID Type”.


  • Writing the full name as written on the ID card in the query box entitled with “Name on ID”


  • Writing complete CNIC Number in the query box entitled with “CNIC Number”


  • Uploading the scanned copy of the front side of your ID card.


  • Uploading the scanned copy of the back side of your ID card.


Now, the verification of your ID card is done.


Fill in Bank Information


After the Verification of the ID card you will automatically jump on the “Fill in Bank Information”.

In order to Fill in,


You can Fill in by,


  • Writing your “Account title”, make sure it’s the same as on your checkbook and ID card.


  • Writing your “Account number”


  • Writing your “Bank name”.


  • Writing the acquired “ Branch code”


  • Uploading the scan copy of the checkBook.


For your kind knowledge team e.companda will like to mention that fill in the Bank Information according to your own registered account and checkBook that acquired your name as on you ID card.


Order Package Info


Here you will order the Daraz affiliated Packages in the form of boxes and flyers etc that you may need while packaging of your products.

Team e.companda will suggest you to order your packages at least 24 hours later in order to avoid errors.


  •  Verify the code sent to you by Daraz after you order your packages.

Upload your SKU


Initially add at least one of your products to officially become a seller on Daraz.

What does experts say


Daraz is a site that really pushes their honest and dedicated sellers to the heights of success, so in order to meet one be honest and dedicated and fulfill the credentials accordingly.

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