In today’s fast-paced world, online shopping has become a norm, offering convenience and accessibility like never before. Among the myriad of online marketplaces, Daraz stands out as a prominent player, offering a wide range of products at competitive prices. However, one common concern among shoppers is the additional cost associated with delivery. Fear not, as this article will guide you through various strategies to unlock free delivery on Daraz, ensuring a seamless shopping experience without breaking the bank.

Understanding Daraz Delivery Charges:

Before delving into strategies to obtain free delivery, it’s essential to grasp how Daraz calculates delivery charges. Daraz typically bases its delivery fees on factors such as the weight of the package, the delivery location, and any ongoing promotions or discounts. Understanding these variables will help you strategize your approach to minimizing or eliminating delivery charges altogether.

Opt for Daraz First:

  1. Daraz First is a subscription-based service offered by Daraz, providing numerous perks to its members, including free delivery on eligible items. By subscribing to Daraz First, you can enjoy the convenience of unlimited free deliveries without worrying about additional charges. Although there’s a subscription fee involved, frequent shoppers can benefit greatly from the cost savings in the long run.

Keep an Eye on Promotions:

  1. Daraz frequently runs promotions and campaigns offering free delivery on select items or for a limited time. Keeping a vigilant eye on these promotions can help you score free delivery on your desired products. Subscribing to Daraz newsletters, following their social media accounts, or utilizing price tracking tools can keep you informed about ongoing promotions and discounts.

Hit Minimum Purchase Thresholds:

  1. Many online retailers, including Daraz, offer free delivery once you surpass a certain minimum purchase threshold. By strategically planning your purchases and consolidating them into a single order, you can reach this threshold and qualify for free delivery. This approach not only saves you money on delivery charges but also encourages mindful shopping.

Explore Seller-Specific Deals:

  1. While browsing Daraz, pay attention to seller-specific deals and promotions. Some sellers may offer free delivery as an incentive to attract customers or as part of a special promotion. By exploring various sellers and their offerings, you might stumble upon products that not only meet your requirements but also come with the added bonus of free delivery.

Utilize Vouchers and Coupons:

  1. Daraz frequently distributes vouchers and coupons that can be redeemed for discounts, including free delivery. Keep an eye out for these vouchers through Daraz’s app or website, as well as through third-party coupon websites. Additionally, participating in Daraz’s loyalty programs or referral programs can earn you exclusive vouchers and discounts, further reducing your delivery expenses.

Consider Daraz Global:

  1. Daraz Global offers an extensive selection of products from international sellers, providing shoppers with access to a diverse range of items. While delivery charges for international orders may apply, Daraz occasionally offers promotions with free or discounted delivery on Daraz Global products. Exploring this section of Daraz’s marketplace can yield opportunities for free delivery on unique and sought-after items.

Plan Ahead for Sales Events:

  1. Daraz hosts various sales events throughout the year, such as Daraz 11.11, Daraz Black Friday, and Daraz Big Friday, among others. These sales events often feature exclusive discounts, vouchers, and free delivery promotions. Planning your purchases around these events can maximize your savings and ensure you capitalize on free delivery opportunities.


In conclusion, obtaining free delivery on Daraz is achievable through strategic planning, leveraging promotions, and taking advantage of available perks and services. Whether you opt for Daraz First subscription, keep an eye on promotions, or explore seller-specific deals, there are plenty of avenues to minimize or eliminate delivery charges. By incorporating these strategies into your online shopping routine, you can enjoy a cost-effective and seamless shopping experience on Daraz.

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