What is Daraz? Get ready to explore!

Daraz provides a platform to get the best online shopping experience.

So tie the knot with your wallets because Daraz is going to make you flip out with the amazing deals that are as cool as you are!

Yes, Daraz is the top favorite website for online shopping all among Pakistan from the little ones with their stars in the sky, the juveniles with the craziest of the ideas, the adults with the maturity to perfection till the older ones with the prettiest of their smiles.


 Daraz is an online website where you can find each and every product you need in each and every pocket size you may have!


On the page of Daraz, the user feels like at home, comfy and confident. It is catalogued in a way that the buyer feels free to plan for buying any product already available or he or she might be searching for, at the page of Daraz.com.


For the sake of its employees and sellers, it is designed in a way that the one who chooses this platform of Daraz to pursue with it as financial consort  will most likely to find it secure and a good pay back towards their hard work and patience.


It has featuring goodness in the selling techniques to occupy market phenomena, as its rapid establishment with more and more sellers and buyers entering Daraz everyday has proven.


Let’s go through the pattern to follow,

Daraz is fully aware of their customers and employees desire for ease and security, so for a new visitor of Daraz there are just a few steps to manage with,


  • You need to enter a URL that is pretty short and to the point that is Daraz.com


  • You will find three options at the top right side,
  1. About
  2. Sell with us
  3. Shop with us


  • If you are a buyer you need to go to Sell with us, and believe me there is a big variety of your taste that holds back for you.



  •     If you are a seller, believe me Daraz can actually be worth your dedication at a pace, which you need to trust Daraz.



  • Click on the option that you opted for, to select the country you are from.


Here you go!

There is a lot to find as a buyer as well as there is a lot to do as a seller.


A little about its stats,


It consists of more than 15 million products that range as large as the variety of products you may have in your life. So it will be unjust to Daraz to specify it as the shop, it is actually a grand online market where the products, their sellers and their buyers tend to evolve into a Hub.


Find it out on the webpage of Daraz.com,


Around 500 million customers from Pakistan, Bangladesh and three more countries  have chosen to visit the website of Draz to shop online and many more are choosing it day by day.


All across the country there are almost 20,000 sellers that represent a count of unique and versatile 440 brands. 


Must read! To trust Daraz,


Team Daraz that includes the seller, the buyers, the publishers and all has proven that Daraz is giving its best in bringing satisfaction to its users.


Find it out on Daraz webpage,


As, Daraz not only offers the services to shop online but also its an open and a big [platform to review, to analyses through comments, to check the credibility through warranty, to grip the accessibility through amazing deals, to tag the targets through the ratings and much more by providing us with a massive range of obtainability. 


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