In the world of e-commerce, platforms like Daraz have revolutionized the way people buy and sell products. For sellers on Daraz, understanding the intricacies of the platform is crucial for success. One such essential aspect is the Seller SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

In this article, we delve into what exactly Seller SKU is, its importance, how to create and manage them effectively on Daraz, and tips for optimizing SKU management.

Understanding Seller SKU:

  1. Seller SKU is a unique code assigned to each product by the seller for inventory tracking purposes. It serves as an internal reference number that helps sellers identify and manage their products efficiently. Think of it as a fingerprint for each item in your inventory. This code is specific to the seller and distinguishes their products from others on the platform.
  2. Importance of Seller SKU on Daraz:
    • Inventory Management: Seller SKU streamlines inventory management by providing a structured system for organizing and tracking products. It enables sellers to keep track of stock levels, replenish inventory, and prevent overselling.
    • Order Fulfillment: Daraz processes a large volume of orders daily. Seller SKU helps sellers quickly locate the products in their inventory when fulfilling orders, reducing processing time and ensuring timely delivery to customers.
    • Performance Analysis: By associating sales data with specific SKUs, sellers can analyze the performance of each product individually. This insight aids in making informed decisions regarding pricing, marketing strategies, and product assortment.
  3. Creating Seller SKU on Daraz:
    • Product Identification: When adding a new product to your inventory on Daraz Seller Center, you’ll be prompted to assign a Seller SKU. Choose a unique alphanumeric code that is easy to remember and reflects relevant information about the product, such as product type, variant, or supplier.
    • Variation Management: If you’re selling products with variations (e.g., different sizes or colors), it’s essential to assign unique SKUs to each variation for accurate tracking. Daraz allows sellers to create parent-child relationships between SKUs to manage variations efficiently.
    • Bulk Upload: For sellers with a large inventory, Daraz provides the option to upload products in bulk via CSV files. Ensure that each product in the CSV file has a corresponding Seller SKU to facilitate seamless integration with your inventory management system.
  4. Managing Seller SKU Effectively:
    • Consistent Naming Convention: Establish a standardized naming convention for your Seller SKUs to maintain consistency across your inventory. This practice simplifies inventory management and reduces the risk of errors.
    • Regular Updates: As your inventory evolves, regularly review and update your Seller SKUs to reflect changes such as new products, discontinued items, or updated information. This ensures that your inventory records remain accurate and up to date.
    • Integration with Inventory Management Tools: Consider integrating Daraz Seller Center with third-party inventory management tools that offer advanced features for SKU management, such as barcode scanning, real-time inventory syncing, and automated reorder alerts.
  5. Optimizing SKU Management for Better Performance:
    • Data Analysis: Leverage the sales data associated with your Seller SKUs to identify top-performing products, understand customer preferences, and optimize your product assortment accordingly.
    • Pricing Strategy: Analyze the pricing dynamics of your products based on SKU-level data to set competitive prices that maximize profitability while remaining attractive to customers.
    • Seasonal Trends: Monitor SKU-level sales trends to capitalize on seasonal demand fluctuations and adjust your inventory strategy accordingly. Anticipating demand trends allows you to stock up on popular products ahead of time and avoid stockouts during peak seasons.


Seller SKU is a fundamental component of selling on Daraz, playing a pivotal role in inventory management, order fulfillment, and performance analysis. By understanding the significance of Seller SKU and implementing effective SKU management practices, sellers can streamline their operations, enhance their competitiveness, and ultimately drive success on the platform. Embrace the power of Seller SKU to unlock greater efficiency and profitability in your e-commerce journey on Daraz.

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